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Clear and targeted communication is the key to success. But there are many ways of communication and it always depends on whom you would like to address.

Communication towards patients

How do you attract new patients? How do you achieve patients to retain with your competence center? Satisfaction, confidence and relation are key in the healthcare business. Therefore communicate your strengths, new offers and services in an appropriate manner for your institution and keep always focused on the patients needs:

  • Patients information brochures
  • Various information brochures and flyers
  • Advertisements
  • Clinic journals
  • Newsletter / mailings
  • Events (public medical lectures, open days etc.)

We help you to optimize existing publications and to develop new ones.

Communication towards private insured patients

Private insured patients have certain expectations, which might be higher or more demanding compared to what your standard is offering. Your institute or company should anticipate such as individual wishes before, during and after their treatment.

We help you to evaluate a customized concept for your private insured patients according to your possibilities and goals. Be second to none!

Communication towards referrals / allocators

Which are the criteria a doctor decides where to refer his patients to? To achieve success here professional communication is key as well. Statistically in 70 % of all cases, the doctor is the one who decides to which clinic or to which specialist his patients will be referred to.

So it is essential to build up and maintain a good relationship to referrals or allocators in order to attract new patients.

    We help you:
  • o realize and to understand how referrals or allocators see your institute
  • to recognize what their expectations concerning your institute or company are
  • how referrals or allocators want to be informed about your services and what type of information they demand
  • how to retain them as your referrals or allocators concerning their patients

The most important aspect: Quality always beats quantity.

Communication towards your employees

Have a clear and open communication towards your employees, get things straight and avoid rumors. Well informed employees are the big asset of any company. That’s why internal communication is just as important as the external.

    But how do you inform your employees correctly? We help you to get your own concept on how to do implement it into your day-to-day business:
  • Official information sessions for employees
  • Newsletters for employees
  • Intranet-Solutions
  • Events for your employees
  • And much more

Crisis PR / Crisis Communication

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